Just added a new project, Meet the RONCADE!

MAME Arcade Project

MAME Arcade Project

As I start to compile and add things to this blog I’ll let you know what’s new. I just added one of my most recent project the the Projects page. My New Arcade Machine – With Custom Controls. is up and loaded with a ton of pictures. It always hard to remember to photo-document a project when I’m right into things, but I managed to snap some great progress shots.

If you’re interested in the entire process of building a computer MAME arcade machine, then you will really like this. Everything was scratch built by yours truly.

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Welcome to my NEW blog!

Ron Leblanc

Hello, and welcome to my new blog! I have been blogging on and off for a few years now as well as creating other various content on the Internet. This blog is going to be the official repository for all my creations. I have a variety of interests in technology and art, and plan to use this blog to share and display for all.

My passion for technology means you will not only get to see the latest and greatest new gadgets, including unboxing’s and reviews, but I’ll be sharing items from my own personal computer museum. Also follow along with my projects. In the past I have built complete MAME arcade machines – even sold a few. I also saved an antique radio from the trash and turned it into an iPod dock. Follow along with my ongoing technology art projects. I will be posting both my poems, and some of my more modern computer/electronic art pieces.

Please check back regularly as I plan on posting and in some cases re-posting everything I have here on these pages. I have a lot to go through and put up here, and also plan to add new items as we go. So hang on as you explore the world of the ‘Renaissance Geek’.

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