TRS-80 – Model 4


This is Radio Shack TRS-80 I picked up for free not too long ago. I remember my dad had a model 2 for a while when I was a kid, but I didn’t have a chance to play with it at all. SO my memory is of an awesome looking gray computer sitting in my dad’s office, that was off limits. This machine was a great find. I only wish it had a floppy drive. It does turn on, but sits at a ‘CASS?’ prompt. Not having researched it yet, i’m sure it’s looking for a cassette tape drive to boot from.

It really has an awesome retro computer look to it. I love having this computer in my personal collection.

2 comments on “TRS-80 – Model 4
  1. If you hit enter, you should go into the built-in basic rom.

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