Atari 800XL

The Atari 800XL was my first personal computer. I saved up $100 and bought it myself when I was 15. I had never had or really even used a computer at that point. I only knew that they seemed really cool and thought that I’d like one. I remember that I bought it on a Thursday and my family had a weekend vacation planned for the following Saturday. Once I plugged this thing in, I no longer wanted to go. I wanted to stay home and ‘play’ with my new toy. Seems like not much has changed.

The 800XL had 64KB of RAM and was upgradable to 128KB, which was ideal for a RAM disk speeding this up tremendously. This particular computer still works fine, I just need to clean it up a little. I got this computer as part of a bundle of random Atari computer parts. I believe I paid $40 for the lot.

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