Ron Leblanc

Ron G. Leblanc

The Renaissance was a cultural movement signified by a period of ideas and learning . It was a revolution of intellectual pursuits culminating in significant advances in the arts, sciences and math. The ‘Renaissance Man’ was a term inspired by the likes on Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci. These individuals contributed great advances in all these areas, and are world renowned for their efforts.

In these more modern times, many individuals follow one direction – one pursuit, and attempt to excel in their chosen field. While others have resisted this approach, either by design, or happenstance. For these few, there is no – one path, no – one direction. No. These few are destined to follow many different paths, and to explore their many interests and curiosities, to truly explore all that fascinates them.

I am one of these few individuals. I have many interest in many things, and spend my time in pursuit of these curiosities. I am most passionate about technology and all that arrises from it. For me, technology is both pleasure and work. It can be both beautiful and hideous. Technology can be a tool, and incarnate pure artistic expression. I am most definitely a geek, but not just a geek. I am a Renaissance Geek.

This blog is a consolidation of all my various projects and interests. I hope you find it interesting.


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